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I've moved, guys!

My new home is over at http://thecuckoldpalace.com/

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Cuckold slave humiliation and similar fun

Mistress Whitney here...

I know that you are looking for a dominant woman... somebody who is going to take you to the next level.  I really love being sensually dominant and putting you into a hypnotic trance and just making you into my little play toy.  I love cuckold slave humiliation and

Sometimes, I'm in the mood to just be worshipped and totally obsessed over.  I'm ultra feminine and I love to be appreciated for that.  All of my panties are super sexy and I love buying new lingerie and corsets.  If you want to spoil me, just give me a gift card to Victoria Secret and I will shop my little butt off!  I really love their shelf bras and just how they hold my huge titties up and kind of give me way more cleavage than I had beforehand. Do you want to buy me a sexy little bra?  Some guys really like to spoil me...

Other guys just are putty in my hands.  I love it when I have him wrapped around my little finger, to the point where he will do any fucking thing that I demand or even think about.  Do you know what I mean?

Call me for some very hot conversation.

Cuckold Mistress Whitney
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Mommy Whitney for Humiliation Phone Sex

Are you looking for a sexy MILF to take control of your cock?  I'm sexy Mommy Whitney and I just absolutely love humiliation phone sex... especially for little cuckolds.  I love all types of cuckold fantasies and also chatting about real-time experiences.  I'm basically a fun-loving phone sex playmate who absolutely loves to connect with new people...

I also love guys who will do anything to please me... and I do mean anything.

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Do you want to play with me?

Do you want to worship my pretty cunt?

He told me he loved the way I tasted as I spread my legs further, letting him lap at my pussy with his hungry tongue.

"Lick harder and shut up," I ordered, which made him eat me even harder.  I giggled and pressed my huge tits together..

"You know you want me," I teased his cock with my foot, which was covered in a sexy, sheer black thigh-high.

"Will you let me cum tonight?" he begged me, while he lapped up my cunt.

"Maybe.." I slid my sexy toes underneath his full, tight balls and teased him a little more.

I'm really in the mood for some hot cuckolding or maybe even some forced cock sucking.  What are you in the mood for?

Whitney 1-866-376-5702
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Keri -
Looking to be humiliate.

The ultimate form of humiliation is clearly the interracial cuckold experience

Just the sound of my voice, instructing you to stroke your cock will make you so hard.  I will truly bring your fantasy to life and fulfill all of your dirty little fantasies.  We all have them... So tell me yours.

You know that I love humiliation and the interracial cuckold experience.  It's just so much fun, sliding you into a pretty pair of princess panties while I get fucked by a huge, black, powerful dick.  Does that make your cock hard?  Do you want me to pull on your little dick while I get fucked by my dark lover?

Let's have some hot cuckold phone sex and I will make you cum all over.


Whitney really gets into forced cock sucking

Hey from Whitney... TGIF!  Are you as excited about the weekend as I am?  I'm all dressed up tonight, wearing my new pink and black corset... and I must tell you, it's so hot.  I love the way my huge tits look in a corset... all tied up, hiked up... demanding attention... ready to be sucked on... Are you feeling as naughty as I am tonight??

I did the hottest forced cock sucking call and it totally turned me on.  I coerced him into sucking on a big dick for me and he just loved being my good little cocksucker.  It was so much fun!  You know, I also love guys who want to be my little cuckhold. Do you want to get out your little dick and be a good little jack off boy for me?


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Hello there... are you interesting in becoming a cuckold?

Hello, there.  I'm Whitney... Perhaps you've read my blog before... or perhaps you are just wanting to learn a little bit about the Cuckold Experience.  First of all, it's DEFINITELY not all about humiliation.  I mean, sure, that is all in good fun and can be quite fun, but ultimately... it's about total pleasure.  It's about my pussy being pleasured so completely and thoroughly as I get it tongue fucked and licked by my cuck... and then get it totally fucked good by a nice, thick dick.  It really is making me want some big dick right now... just typing about all this.  I really love cuckolding.  Can you tell?

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Interracial Cuckholds are the Best

A letter to my big, black Master:

Oh, how I love to please your gigantic, black rod.  I want to make my little hubby into a sissy cuckold.  He will beg for more humiliation after I slip him into some pretty little pink panties. 

Speaking of pink panties... Hello to Mister Pink Panties!  I know you read my blog... I don't like to humiliate you... I'd rather encourage to be a good cock sucker for me and make that cock nice and hard for my sweet, juicy pussy while I furiously finger-fuck my shaved cunt. 

I've been updating my blog very regularly... I just love to catch up with you guys on here.  I just got home from a nice dinner out.  We had shrimp and steak and salad, which was lovely.  Maybe I will let him have some dessert later... aka my sweet pussy.

If you are into interracial cuckold fantasies like I am.... *licks lips*... Then call me.

Whitney 1-866-376-5702
$1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

Whitney loves the big black dick

Hi, there... 

Are you in the mood for some cuckhold play?  Do  you want to be my little interracial cuckold bitch?  I bet it would make your cock hard to watch me take a big, black dick.  Maybe we can even throw in a little bit of forced cock sucking and you can have his big dick... right in your mouth!

Had some fun with my little dickie guy this morning.  I cut out a hole in his underpants and made him walk around with his tiny erection - showing it off to all of my friends.  It was so much fun.  We had so much fun with the humiliation.  I hope you read this and it makes your tiny cock hard.... you naughty little boy!


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